About us

Our history


PBM IMPEX ENGINEERING (PBM), born 2 years ago as an industrial engineering consulting and also absorbing the activity of HSMM (Hygiène et Sécurité Médicale M.), a subsidiary of a French manufacturer.

From the beginning, we have the concern to develop the business line dedicated to the import, export, sale and distribution of hygiene, security, cleaning, packaging, … thus promoting the concept of single professional use.

Our foundations lie in advising a technical service our customers and providing direct solutions, for everything at our disposal, and for that, we promote articles comfort and safety too, such as the case of acoustic!

The line of single professional use (uso único profesioanal in spanich) has propelled us so much, that we decided to manage this concept by creating the UUPRO registered trademark, and thus lay the foundation stone to lead our business to manufacture our own products. Every thing at a time, but especially a job well done!

Meanwhile, we work with suppliers, exclusively europeans and able to ensure first quality products and respectful of the Environment, and also encourage more than 50% of its production in Europe.

Moreover, UUPRO became the emblem of our subsidiary installed in Casablanca (Morocco), fully managed by us and that has captivated the attention of professionals from related sectors, across the country, using the French translation usage unique professionnel!!

Firstly, PBM-UUPRO began operation such as the old style, offering their products and services using the “word of mouth” and demonstrating a good efficiency in their work, in both offices. This always has limited us to metropolitan areas, and therefore we decided to improve offices, warehouses, human ressources and logistics approach.

Today, we take a major step by proposing our products and services online with our own web site and social networks, in order to bring our customers all over the country, and obviously crossborder.

In brief time, PBM-UUPRO will surprise you with its own shop “online” in order to further make easier the provisioning and the approach to our dear customers.




We define a goal with our team and with our customers.

It is our duty to listen to our customers, identify their needs, analyze the objectives to be achieved, mark the desired result and get a vote of confidence lasting.


Let every challenge confirmed satisfactory extent.

Determine the obligation to reach the request of our client steps, apply all required to comply with all phases of the agreement procedures require the intervention of intermediaries is recognized in the market with companies continually review all the stages and get the result required with the best quality service.


Despite taking care of the smallest detail, we consider that there is a margin of error in any process.

Therefore, we promise to resolve any incidents we detect, the accountability of all actors, advising our clients in all the consequences, demonstrating the reliability of our confidence and finally get the result with the highest quality, of course!


Our creative forces us to predict the unpredictable for the benefit of our client.

We offer services and products more suited to the needs of our client to get a higher return: its success will be ours!


Never rest, we must always keep up our client.

Work for the wellbeing of our client, to meet us, everything you want, when you need it the most recent news indicating the market about our products and services.

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